Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Think eggs, think nightmares.

Think eggs, think nightmares.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

new projects

...meeting with web design/creative this weekend! SO excited!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Louis Vuitton Men's Spring 2010 Show

Marc, I love him. His Spring 2010 Louis Vuitton collection reminds me of a Prince of Persia feel. The yummy boys with faux tattoos's...is that a trend we're going to be seeing in editorial spreads next spring? Hmm...

Monday, June 21, 2010

New labels I'm loving...

So, I don't have access to upload lookbooks of the Fall 2010 collections, but trust me...you guys are going to love these labels!

Viva Vena: Lisa Mayock and Sophie Buhai just make life so much more fun! With a lower price point than their popular brand Vena Cava, Viva Vena is just as cool and indie! This collection screams East Village/LES grunge girl. It's so authentic and cohesive! I want EVERYTHING!

Cut25: a diffusion of of Yigal, the pieces are so chic. I'm loving a one shouldered drape dress...see it on bloomingdales.com soon! Prices are at a much lower price point than the parent brand!

Eternal Child: based in Istanbul, these sweaters are blowing up! They're known for the intricate jacquard textures and cool prints. For Fall, there's going to be some bright colors as well as a grey jumper to DIE for! Below is a pic from their SS10 collection...you can see the brilliance already!

**UPDATE!! Below are pictures of the Fall 2010 Collection!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Model: Alix Langone
Photographer: Dave Austria (daveaustria.com)
Make-up Artist: Kathy Ko
Stylist: Mwa

New Job, New View

Since I left the publishing industry back in November, I started working in the buying office at bloomingdales.com and I actually enjoy it!

The work load is intense, so I can't even believe how my AB gets through it (she's amazing!). There's no time for gchat, gmail, phone convos, or internet browsing. It's strictly business--hence the lack of posts! I apologize to all my besties...I literally collapse when I get home. I'll have to make it up to you guys soon!

Here's something I never knew about Bloomingdales.com. Before starting, I had no idea the company sold indie labels like VPL, Vena Cava, Kimberly Ovitz, Gryphon, and more! So take a look (shameless promotion) of the amazing buys! Support the business!


Here's an Aqua romper I bought last week!

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Oscar Stand Out

Oh my freakin goodness. It’s been WAY long since I last updated. I’ve been super busy and blah blah blah. The Oscars. There’s so much to say in so little time. The most surprising of the night was Miley Cyrus in Jenny Packham. This British designer is rocking my world. I love you. Miley looked pretty amazing in that dress, jewels, make-up, etc…To be honest I was thinking “why would they choose her as a presenter?” but then the ah-hah moment came when her co-presenter was Amanda Seyfried. Both in those love movies by Nicholas Sparks. I get it.

I’m so used to seeing this little tween in bell bottoms and that crazy blonde wig on Hannah Montana... but last night was a total transformation. She could work on that pose though…just sayin.Who’s her stylist? Anybody know??

Monday, February 15, 2010

Catherine Malandrino Fall 2010

Last year I rented a movie entitled Mongol about a young Genghis Khan and his rise to tyranny. So when I heard that Catherine Malandrino's inspiration for the Fall 2010 collection was mongol, well...I had a field day! This collection is one of my favorite's from fall. If any young mongol girl was to be thrown into a pit of fashion makeover while maintaining her heritage...this collection is what the end result would be. Fur lined jackets, ethnic print, tie wrap waists, tapered trousers, bold accessories and a bit of rough edginess takes hold of Malandrino's looks. I must say, I want it all.

Hervé Léger by Max Azria Fall 2010

We know that Hervé Léger is known for the bandage dress...but this season, they've added new elements to the label...and I'm excited! I like the fact that there are several dresses showcasing asymmetrical looks. The slight neon details and exposed torso add a kick of life to the label, which in my opinion is something it definitely needed. I guess with all of the crazy weaving and multi colored pieces, heavier girlies who wanna wear something tight will be able to create an optical allusion that make them look a bit more slim. The truth is, fashion should be available to every shape and size. With finer strips of layering and patterns creating an elongated shape, the attention is taken away from fat that used to be visable on Hervé Léger 1.0 designs.

Peter Som Fall 2010

My dark Victorian Princess. The lips say it all.

VIctoria Beckham Fall 2010

You know how fabulous Miss Vicky B is!! How flawless did she look as a guest judge on American Idol? She was so kind to the plebeians who were overjoyed by auditioning in front of her. Lucky for them, it's probably the once in a lifetime chance to be that close the goddess!

So let's see the checklist for Victoria Beckham...

-Take over the world as a girl band pop sensation
-Marry a hunky soccer player
-Become so fab that you land the cover of Glamour (in jeans!)
-Market yourself as a legit fashion designer

This season's collection is a step up from previous. The clothes are more versatile as well as evolved. She uses new fabrics and color palettes. The one shouldered trend is going to be in for this upcoming year. The silhouette of the collection is traditional Victoria Beckham style and I love how it's paired with sunglasses. Although the collection is Fall 2010, it does look a bit like a spring or resort collection to me. What I really need is that Breakfast at Tiffany's little black dress to complete my wardrobe.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Jen Kao Fall 2010

Damn this collection is fierce. I think Jen Kao just gave us a sneak peak for the wardrobe of Star Trek II! We've got outfits for every character...the sexy temptress, the wicked witch, and the heroic chics. I definitely love the Lady Gaga inspired one piece...perhaps she'll be wearing that for her next public appearance?? This is a collection that definitely belongs in fashion week. Kudos.

Richard Chai Love Spring 2010

I grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia and let's be honest...ain't nothing exciting really going on there! Trust me, I'm sure that my entire high school and college helped Abercrombie & Fitch stay afloat (whilst it was going downhill everywhere else)! There was always a few people who broke the mold and wore something daring that others didn't understand. They would get those awkward glances from people...as if they were some kind of freak. Well this is the tribute collection to that unnamed girl of my graduating class. Good for you.

This collection makes me think of the cool punky girl in high school. Kind of the loner and free spirit. She doesn't give a shit about what other people think...as long as she feels good in her own skin. And let's be honest, fashion is an extension of who you are. So yes...the pale face with bright red lipstick, straight unkempt hair, and "i don't care" attitude all reflect the cool factor of this collection.

My favorite look is the gray piece--fur top with harem looking pants with boots pulling the look together. So amazing.

Rachel Comey Spring 2010

Rachel Comey's collection didn't look any different than her previous collections--it's very safe and cute. Her signature patterns matched with oversized tops and peaking collars are classic...even reminiscent of the 50's, but nothing stellar. I do love the look with the blue top and pencil skirt. The skirt gives the allusion of a slimmer waist...do you see that? Anyways, overall I would give this a B+ because Rachel Comey could definitely pull something much more innovative.